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Reasons why Biology is harder than Physics

Most university students doing science courses prefer choosing biology to physics and chemistry. Since they did all the high school subjects, they have experience and know what each entails. From what they learn from there, physics is all about math and numerous formulas, while biology is about theory and practicals. Biology is a subject that requires a lot of hard work and dedication for you to pass. One has to master many things for him /her to be a pro in the subject. It has so much theory that requires keenness, and the experiments also matter. If you are a student that likes missing classes, there is no way you will survive when it comes to biology.

You have to attend all the lectures so that you get everything the lecturer is teaching. It is different from physics because if you know the formula and work in physics, you are good to go. It is hard for one to forget solving a solution if you already mastered it before. When it comes to biology, if you do not read the topics, there is no way you will answer anything in your exams. Each subject has a relationship with the other. If you do not understand the first, there is no way you will grasp anything on the second. To them, physics is challenging because it has many calculations, and the concepts are challenging. Biology is more complicated than physics in many ways.

For you to pass in biology, you have to put in a lot of work. It is easy to deal with physics because the facts remain the same, and nothing changes. When you know the formulas and how to use them, you are good to go. When it comes to biology, it is not very easy. For example, organisms are not the same. They are different, and there is no way a fruit fly and houseflies are the same. Fruit flies are different from each other; you cannot get any similarities in them. That is the problem that comes with biology. There are several causes, and on top of that, differences are many too. Biology is all about the past because there is no way descendants and ancestors have no similar identity.

There is no lie there because you cannot expect the generic inheritance to be accurate. The DNA you acquire from your guardians is not the same as their DNA. Instead, there are errors to it. You should know that each copy has no similarity at all, even when it comes to siblings. Every person is a mutant. The differences continue in every generation, and no miracle can change that.  Most of the biological organizations are diverse; that is something most of the students know. There is so much that one has to explain when it comes to species.

You have to know all the differences between the plants and animal species. There is much when it comes to the subject. You will have to spend so much time to learn all these things. You have to learn about the invisible bacteria and learn each point on it. Even genetically, cells are not similar in any way. When the molecule of a cell gets divided, they get distributed to the daughters. Randomly is way different from the same because the daughters will have, unlike proteins. Let’s say, if the cells, in any case, had the same cells, they would still be some difference. It can never be exact, even if someone tampers with anything. Instructors want their students to know more about the processes. Students have to forget whatever they learned in high school because, in college, things are different. They have to know that there is another method they have to adopt. Many students take things for granted, but when reality kicks in, they start getting stressed and making the wrong decisions. Students have to follow the correct steps, understand biology better, and get perfect grades.

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